Chemistry Lesson Plans


Download them all as a .zip file!


  • Acids and Bases
    • Learn about the difference between acids and based by using a red cabbage pH indicator.
  • Testing the pH
    • pH Worksheet
    • Learn about pH by testing out the pH of various household liquids and looking at the pH of water!
  • Changing States of Matter
    • Explore the topic of changing states of matter through a dance and activities using Pop Rocks and dry ice!
  • Chromatography
    • Learn about the chromatography lab technique by using magic markers and extracting the color pigments from candy!
  • Density
    • Explore density by making a density rainbow with different household liquids, making hydrometers, and exploring buoyant force.
  • Density and Boats
    • Learn about density by doing a density dance and making boats!
  • Mystery Unit 1
  • Mystery Unit 2
    • Mystery Week 2 Worksheet
    • Science Club still needs your help– solve the mystery by observing chemical reactions and tests of viscosity to find the perpetrator!
  • Mystery Unit 3
  • Patterns
    • Explore the concept of patterns with activities on fingerprints and kaleidoscopes!
  • Rainbows and Prisms
    • Learn about the different wavelengths of light, the colors in a rainbow, and how a prism can separate the different colors in light!
  • Chemical Reactions: Potions
    • Learn about chemical reactions with Harry Potter Puppet pals.
  • Physical and Chemical Reactions
    • Explore the differences between physical and chemical reactions with a coke and mentos experiment and film canister explosion!