Home School Lesson Plans

For this spring 2020 semester, Wesleyan Science Outreach had to cancel our lessons in the after school clubs at local elementary schools, so are investing our effort for the last half of the semester in creating some lesson plans that can be used in the home school setting that many children are learning in this spring.  Here are the lessons we created.

Science of Music

Learn about sound waves and learn a fun song to help you remember what you learned!

States of Matter and Oobleck

Discover the differences between the different states of matter and learn how to make a cool non-Newtonian fluid!


Ever wondered why viruses are so dangerous? Learn about what makes viruses unique pathogens and how we can protect ourselves against them!

Flower Dissection and Pollination

Celebrate Spring with a fun lesson plan about the parts of a flower and pollination! Print your own field journal and explore!