April Calendar

Violet = Lesson Plan for a given week that is part of the “Human Body” Unit

Blue= Indicates the beginning of the “Forces” unit

Green = Days in which Wesleyan Science Outreach will not be operating because of Spring Break for Middletown Public Schools.

*Science Saturday is a once a semester all-day event of fun, hands-on activities for children, hosted at Wesleyan University on March 28th 2011, from 1-4pm


Descriptions of Lesson Plans:

  • Week of April 2nd to 6th: “The Nervous System”

This lesson focuses on the nerves of the nervous system and the five senses. Activities include making model nervous circuits, and exploring mystery items with the five senses.

  • Week of April 16th to April 20th: “The Digestive System”

This lesson focuses on how the human body breaks down food and absorbs nutrients. Activities include exploring stomach acid, and absorption through digestive system.

  • Week of April 23rd to April 27th:”Exploring Buoyant Force”

This lesson aims to teach children about the upward buoyant force. Activities include creating baby carrot submarines, balancing balloons in air and tug of war.

  • Saturday, April 28th: “Science Saturday”

This special event hosted by Wesleyan University will involve a variety of activities focusing on the environment and sustainability. Activities include exploring alternative energy, chemical reactions with soil and simulating the damage of pollution, and ozone depletion.